Capital Trails Walking Club.

B. W. F. Club 102.

Contact: Wendy Meredith, 4A Clandon Terrace, Kingston Road, London, SW20 8SE.                                             

Walk Start Place: Cardiff Central Railway Station. Map 171 GR ST183758

Entry Fee: 1.00                                                                                                         

Badges are no longer avialable for this trail.

Please note: The stamps are only available BY POST from the address above. THERE IS NO "WALK BOX" AT THE START VENUE

How to pay and get your I.V.V. stamps


Route Description:

Turn right out of the main station entrance  and go forward towards and through a line of bollards to the end with The Great Western pub on your left, go ahead to lights, turn right. Cross road and pass under bridge towards roundabout (St Mary's Street). Cross St Mary's Street at crossing and then cross Tressillian Way North (no sign) and enter Callaghan Square. Bear left:

Q1. How many lamp posts surround the water feature?

Exit square at bottom right hand corner and cross the lights towards the railway bridge in Herbert Street. Pass under bridge and cross Lloyd George Ave, continuing ahead  the road soon becomes Tyndall Street, passing the Ibis Budget and Novotel. At Schooner Way turn right, and immediately after crossing Atlantic Wharf  bear left down some steps towards dock. At the dock railings turn right and walk alongside the dock, crossing a small bridge and turning left continue along dockside. Walk to the end of the dock and follow round to the left until you reach a boat shaped slate sculpture. Take the path to the left of the sculpture

Q2 Who is the sculptor and what was the date (on the back)?

Continue on the same path, bearing round to the right passing the entrance to County Hall at roundabout. Cross Hemmingway Road via pedestrian refuge towards the Red Dragon Center. Go ahead on entrance road from roundabout turning  right just before car park barrier on pedestrian walkway. Enter the Red Dragon Center, go forwards and just before reaching the entrance to the Odeon turn left and exit building. Go ahead to crossing. Cross road and turn left towards Britannia Quay:

Q3 On your right is the home of which orchestra?

 Follow road bearing right at quayside.Turn at the end of the dock to reach a statue of a miner. Bear right and go forward until you come to the Norwegian Church turn right keeping the water to your left passing the Pier Head building (very ornate red bricked building) cross bridge towards Mermaid Quay turn left and follow waterside path passing between Tecniquest building and  the old graving docks (dry docks now flooded).  Continue on (following signs) towards St David's Hotel going up, then down a flight of steps onto a boardwalk round the outside of the hotel, with water on your left at the end climb the steps and turn right and then left onto a gravel track through the center of this small wetland nature reserve. At the end of the gravel path turn right by sculpture. To your right after 30 meters is an information board about Cardiff  Bay Wetlands:

Q4 In which year were the wetlands created?

  Continue forward passing yacht club on your left, bear left through gate into Hamadryad Park. Take the right hand path, then turn right and follow path to reach stone wall, turn right and follow path around river inlet. Continue forward and pass through blue gate onto Clarence Embankment ahead, at the end of the road turn left across bridge then turn right at crossing and through gap in the railings onto the riverside path. Follow the riverside path. At the next bridge cross over the road and continue ahead on footpath with river on right. Pass under a railway bridge and in a further 20 meters at the bridge just before the Millennium Stadium go up onto the bridge and cross the road. Continue forward on a wide gravel pavement. At the next bridge cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and enter Sophia Gardens and continue forwards again with the river to your right. With a car park to your left, go up a ramp, turning right over the bridge At the end of the bridge turn left down ramp and then turn 1st right:

Q5. Name the first bird (top left) on the Feathered Friends information board and also the Welsh name for it?

Continue forward passing a sculpture of a frog to your right through the arboretum. Where paths split take the left fork with a stone circle (Gorsedd Circle) to your right. Cross bridge over small stream, passing the back walls of Cardiff Castle. Please note the park gates close at sunset. Exit park and turn right down underpass steps. Go though underpass and up ramp go forward passing the Law Courts and City Hall. (There are a pair of Peregrine Falcons in residence on the clock tower if you have your binoculars just take a couple of minutes to look at the stonework around the clock faces or above. You will have a very good chance of seeing them. The R.S.P.B. often have a watch point staffed with telescopes you can look through) Take the underpass to your right signed Queen Street. At the top of the ramp to your right is a small formal garden:

Q5 Who is the statue of?

Continue forward passing to the right of the Hilton Hotel and follow road round into Duke Street the turn left at the High Street opposite Castle entrance, which becomes St Mary Street. Continue down this road until you get to Saunders Road and you see the Great Western pub on your right. Cross the road and re-trace your steps back to Cardiff Central Station.

The organisers are not liable for any accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.

Route up-dated 2nd June 2021

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