Capital Trails Walking Club.

B. W. F. Club 102.

Contact: Wendy Meredith, 4A Clandon Terrace, Kingston Road, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8SE

Walk Start Place: Waverly Bridge, Edinburgh. Map 66, GR NT259739.

Entry Fee: 1.00                                                                                                                  

Optional Badge: 2.50

Please note: The stamps are only available BY POST from the address above. THERE IS NO "WALK BOX" AT THE START VENUE

How to pay and get your I.V.V. stamps

Route Description:

The walk starts on Waverly Bridge, facing away from the Castle, walk towards the traffic lights and turn left across the lights. Turn left then immediately right and enter Princes Street Gardens. Keep straight ahead passing The Scott Monument, heading for the columned building (The National Gallery). On reaching The National Gallery bear right onto Princes Street, continue in the same direction cross traffic lights turn left then immediately right down steps, passing the site of the floral clock on your right (Planted and operational during the Summer months) . After 200 metres there is an information board on your left:

Q1. How many years ago was the Castle Rock an active volcano?

Continue along and climb the steps at the end. Turn left out of the gates  and turn right across Princes Street and into South Charlotte Street this soon becomes North Charlotte Street. Go down slope to the main road and turn right onto Albyn Place, at the second set of traffic lights turn left onto Queen St Gardens West then downhill to traffic lights and turn right into Heriot Row. This area will give you the feel of the New Town of Edinburgh, nicely laid out with wide roads, gardens etc, you will see the difference once you reach the original Old Town area. At the next set of traffic lights turn right onto Queen St Gardens East. Go up the hill cross the road and turn left onto Queen Street. After 100 metres.

Q2. What is at no 9 Queen Street?   

Continue forward passing the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. At the traffic lights turn right onto North St Andrews St, head along here onto St Andrews Square. Carry straight on to the traffic lights on South St Andrews St, at the end turn left onto Princes Street. Walk past the Balmoral Hotel on your right, go across the traffic lights  and carry straight on. You are now in Waterloo Place. Carry on until you see the sign for Calton Hill, turn left up steps and in a few metres more turn right up another flight of steps and then a steep slope. At the top continue walking towards the large columned structure( The National Monument). On your right is a tall tower, The Nelson Monument:

Q3. How high is The Nelson Monument?

On a clear day  there are some fantastic views over the Firth Of Forth and beyond to be seen from this point. Continue forward along a narrow path until you meet a metalled road. Turn right and follow road downhill until you reach a main road Regent Road. Turn left and  walk down to the traffic lights. At the traffic lights cross to the left hand side of Abby Mount. At the corner of Abby Hill on your left you will see some steps. Turn right down the steps (Brae House behind you) cross road and follow the cobbled street ahead, passing under rail bridge. Keep ahead and you will find yourself entering Holyrood Park with a wall to yor right. At the end of the road turn right, continue ahead passing the car park entance. You will see a kiosk, behind this there is an information board.

Q4. When was the park officially designated a Royal Park?

Continue through the car park. At a small roundabout turn right along Queen's Drive towards a set of ornate gates where you can get a view of Holyrood Palace, continue to follow the road round into Horse Wynd. You will now have the Scottish Parliament building to your left. Keep walking until you reach a pedestrian crossing. The entrance to the Queen's Gallery is to your right. Cross the road and turn left. You are now at the start of the Royal Mile the old route between The Palace of Holyrood and the Castle, and the Old Town, note how close together the houses are built with only alleys or Closes wide enough to take a hand cart between them. Compare this now with what you saw in the New Town area. Walk straight on and do not take any side turnings.

After Cannon Gate you will enter the High Street, carry on and turn left into George IV Bridge Road stay on the left, at the end as the road splits by the traffic lights, cross the road and see the statue of Greyfriars Bobby. Retrace your steps back along George IV Bridge Road to the traffic lights and turn left onto Lawnmarket. Walk towards the church that appears in the middle of the road. When you reach the church, walk to the right side up Castle Hill Road, just after the church on the left:

 Q5. What is the name of the passageway under The Witchery sign?

Carry on forward onto the Esplanade which again gives good views over the City and beyond. Now return back down the hill. Stay to your left as you pass the church and walk to the traffic lights, on the corner is a pub called the Deacon Brodie, here you will turn left onto Bank Street and follow the road down bearing to left and right. At the traffic lights turn right onto Market Street, continue down the Hill to Waverly Bridge Road. Turn left and you have now completed this walk.

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made to make this a safe enjoyable and memorable event.

Updated 25th April 2021

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