How to pay and get your stamps


Stamps are only available BY POST from the following address:

Ron and Christine Barry,

30 Cooper Gardens,





For any tour groups, please contact the above as they MAY be able to arrange to meet the group or organiser at a location and time convenient to both parties.

Print off the route description and entry form and do the walk at your leisure.

After you have finished the walk send the entry form, monies (see below) and either your log books or insert cards (which can be supplied) and a self addressed envelope to the above address, not forgetting to include return postage, which would be approx 1.00 to U.S. or Europe

Payment can be made by various methods:

1. Sterling cheque made payable to Wendy Meredith

2.Sterling cash.

3. Postal Order. These are available from any Post Office in the U.K. Just go to the counter and ask for a Postal Order to the value you require. These act like a cheque, they are secure to send through the Post as long as you add the payee's name.

4. Euros cash, but no Euro cheques please because of the amount the bank will charge to convert the currency.

5. U.S. Dollars cash, again no U.S. currency cheques for the same reasons as above.