Capital Trails Walking Club (BWF Club 102)


The 'Two Kings' Trails:

Henry's Hike P.T. No 246

Contact and Stamp holders: Ron & Christine Barry, 30 Cooper Gardens, Oadby, Leicester, Leics, LE2 4TX.


Walk Start: Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre Ambion Lane, Sutton Cheney. Leics. Map140 G.R. SK 403 001.

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Entry Fee: 1.00. No award available.

Please note: The stamps are only available BY POST from the address above. THERE IS NO "WALK BOX" AT THE START VENUE

How to pay and get your I.V.V. stamps.

Distance: 11km.        Grade 2


Leave main car/coach parks at the 'exit' end and turn LEFT (south) downhill on gravel track passing Battlefield Heritage Centre entrance on left. Ahead through metal gate and across field on stony path to enter Ambion Wood. Follow the official path through this private woodland and continue beyond with fields on left and trees, then Ashby Canal on right to arrive at Sutton Wharf (cafe. toilets, picnic site. Open daily. Ashby Trip boat rides in Summer) Cross over canal via car park, and road bridge to turn immediately right down steps to join towpath and go under bridge. Stay on towpath with canal on left for 1.5km looking out for a milepost low down on your right after 330 metres ( just before the end of the moorings on the opposite bank)

1. The two numbers on this milepost?

 On the far side of bridge 31 turn right up the steps and cross over the canal. Follow field path with hedge on left to cross a stile and continue in same direction in next field with barbed wire fence on left. Turn lefy over stile into next field and cross 'dip' [ old clay pit and tramway] to yellow marker post (YMP) and stile at road. Cross over junction to the 'Dog and Hedgehog'[pub/resaurant] and walk along narrow street (The Green) between the pub and Dadlington Church. (Some of the soldiers killed in the Battle of Bosworth are believed to have been buried in a mass grave here). Stop at the new church name board.

Q2. Who authorised the founding of a chantry chapel here and when?

As 'The Green' bends left* go straight ahead on grass to a low, red brick wall (of house named "Shillingbury") and turn right onto 'hidden' footpath at fingerpost (FP)  Go over stile and follow YMPs  across two fields to minor road. Turn right and follow road for 300m to canal and picnic tables on right. Leave road at green metal seat and FP and follow left bank of canal briefly to YMP on left. Cross stile into field and head diagonally right to YMP at Ivy House Farm, Stoke Golding. [Bus users start route here] DO NOT cross stile onto road but turn at right angles to cross the same field on another path.

Q3 Name on green slurry storage tank by farm buildings on your left?

 At next yellow marker post(YMP)/stile turn right over canal bridge. Immediately across the bridge turn sharp right at YMP/stile. Cross small field to next YMP (across stile and plank bridge). Keep to left-hand edge of next field to gap in hedge, where turn left over a ditch and head straight across centre of next field (canal over to right). Pass through gap in hedge, crossing plank bridge and stile and then go ahead across a small field to cross a private farm road via stiles.

 Follow hedge on left side of next field to YMP/stile and then pass through a few trees. Walk straight across the next field to YMP/stile before going up some steps and over an old railway embankment [ constucted with clay from the 'dip' crossed earlier] to next steps and YMP/stile. Bear slightly right across the next field to YMP/stile at road. Cross the road with care (hidden dip to right), to another YMP/stile, noting the direction arrow on the waymark disc on the YMP. Cross stile then go over a cinder track and straight ahead across two fields/ paddocks aiming for the clump of trees to the right of the metal-roofed farm hay sheds. [you are now walking along the likely eastern edge of the true Bosworth Battlefield].

Cross the stile and ahead through paddock to right of horse exersise area, leaving at a YMP/stile to follow hedge on right with wire fence on left. Walk straight across centre of next field, over stile at gap in hedge and across centre of following field with Greenhill Covert over to left. At gate/stile keep straight on with hedge/wood on right to stile at the red bricked houses ahead.Turn right along road with wood on right and follow around the bends to the Whitemoors Antiques & Craft Centre on right [Tearoom, toilets. Open daily from 11am. Do not confuse with former Whitemoors car park/picnic area 1km south on this road and 600m off this P.Trail] at Shenton.

Q4. Name on black letter box on farm wall across the road from Whitemoors?

Continue through the village and just after "The Old School House" (on left) turn right at white railings, cross river bridge and go along Bosworth Road passing the church on left and Shenton Hall on right. Cross over the mouth of Pump Street and continue along Bosworth Road following the red bricked wall of Shenton Hall on the right. 200 metres beyond Top House Farm (on left) turn right at FP through gate and into field (ensuring gate is fastened behind you). Walk straight ahead between the first two large trees and then along the old avenue of trees, over a brick bridge with stiles at either end and across open parkland to  gates to right of brick house. Turn left along minor road (over canal bridge) for 400m to enter car park on right.

Q5. Which nature walk starts here? (See site map on a large information board beyond toilet block)

 Turn right across the car park [toilets on right] at Shenton Station [cafe] to use the foot crossing over the Battlefield Line Steam Railway. Turn left up slope to the path junction.Take the left-hand footpath by corner of white fencing and cross track through two metal gates. Bear right up Ambion Hill (the only real up-hill on the walk!) with hedge on left and wire fence on right. 

Continue uphill still with hedge on left. At the very top turn right through gap in wooden fence and follow gravel path around edge of field past the Battlefield View Point by the white flagpole. At next gap in wooden fence turn left along another gravel path (past picnic tables on left) back to the Battlefield Heritage Centre and coach/car parks.

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.

Route up-dated  24th October 2018

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