Capital Trails Walking Club

B. W. F. Club 102.

Contact: Wendy Meredith, 4A Clandon Terrace, Kingston Road, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8SE

Walk Start Place: Westminster Tube Station. Map 176 GR TQ303797.

Entry Fee: 1.00 

Optional Badge: 2.50

Please note: The stamps are only available BY POST from the address above. THERE IS NO "WALK BOX" AT THE START VENUE

How to pay and get your I.V.V. stamps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Route Description:


The walk starts at Westminster Tube Station. Leave the ticket hall by exit number 4 up some steps. Now turn right  and walk towards the traffic lights and cross over towards the Houses of Parliament, with the statue of Winston Churchill on your right. At the second set of traffic lights cross the road towards Old Palace Yard and turn right, keep going straight ahead until you reach a road sign for Parliament Square. Take the footpath to your left between St Margaret's and Westminster Abbey, continue forward passing the main entrance to the Abbey, through Dean's Yard and The Sanctuary to reach the traffic lights and turn right across the lights towards Methodist Central Hall and The Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre (there are toilets here). Go straight ahead and you will come to  Tothill Street, cross the crossing and you will see Story's Gate, pass The Westminster Arms on your left, keep on walking until you come to the main road this is Great George Street, turn left and you are now in Birdcage Walk. St James Park  is to your right. After 20 metres at No 1 Birdcage Walk:

Q1 What is the name of the Institution based in this building?


Stay on the left side of the road and tuo will come to Wellington Barracks and the Guards Museum. Cross the road at the next pedestrian crossing and turn left follow the path round to the right to walk through a gold arch, you will see Buckingham Palace and the Queen Victoria Memorial to your left. When you have reached the road (The Mall) turn right and walk along The Mall, just before the end ( do not go through) the arches turn right onto Horse Guards Road (no sign visible). The first building on the left is Admiralty House and the large open area is Horse Guards Parade where the Trooping the colour ceremony is held each year. Follow the road round past the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and The Cabinet War Rooms (Winston Churchill's wartime H.Q.) the last building on the left is the Treasury, at the end  turn left onto Great George Street. At the end of Great George Street turn left into Parliament Street which leads into Whitehall. In the centre or the road you will see the Cenotaph and further on from it, recently added is a memorial to all the women killed in service to their country. Just pass this are some black gates, this is the entrance to Downing Street, number 10 of course being the home of the Prime Minister. A little further along you will pass the mounted guard of the Household Cavalry. If the soldiers are wearing red tunics it is The Lifeguards, if they are wearing blue tunics it is The Blues And Royals on duty. At the end of Whitehall you will see Nelson's Column towering over Trafalgar Square. Turn right and cross Whitehall, then cross the next street, Northumberland Avenue, by the pedestrian crossings then go ahead passing on the corner Waterstone's bookshop to your right, into The Strand. Keep walking along The Strand passing on your right  Charing Cross Station. At the next pedestrian crossing, cross The Strand and turn right. Continue in this direction until you reach Bedford Street , on the corner is a jewellers:

Q2. Above the entrance to the jewellers is a clock. Which public service did this shop once supply?

 Turn up Bedford Street and turn right at Henrietta Street, follow this to the end which will now bring you into the old Covent Garden market. (Toilets available to you left). Keep forward heading toward the London Transport museum.

At the London Transport museum turn left and in 20 metres turn right into Russell Street, cross Wellington Street and head towards the Theatre Royal and turn right into Catherine Street. At the end turn left , you are now in  the Aldwych. Follow the road round, crossing Kingsway. On the right is a very large building called Bush House, this is the headquarters of  B.B.C. radio well known for sending it's coded messages to Europe during the second world war. As you come to the end of Aldwych you will see a statue in the centre which is of Gladstone, just behind it is a small church, keep to the left of it and follow the road round. The church is St Clement Danes and is the central church of The Royal Air Force.

The two statues in front of the church are of Sir Arthur (Bomber) Harris and Lord Dowding. The third statue at the end is of Samuel Johnson. To your left are the Royal Courts of Justice, you are now back in The Strand. Just past the Royal Courts of Justice is a large granite building which is now a pub.

Q3. What was the original function of 194 Fleet Street?

In the centre of the road is a column with a griffin on top, this denotes that you are now entering the City of London.You are now in the area which was the home of the newspaper publishing industry up until only 20 years ago. As you get to the end of Fleet Street you will see the dome of St Paul's Cathedral. At the traffic lights cross straight over and walk up Ludgate Hill. On your left is a road called Old Bailey and down here with the gold statue of Justice and her scales are the famous Old Bailey Central Criminal Courts which opened in 1907 on the site of the infamous Newgate prison, across the road the Magpie and Stump served "execution breakfasts" until 1868 when public hangings were stopped. Stay on Ludgate Hill, on the left is a church St Martin within Ludgate. You are now in front of St Paul's Cathedral.                                                                                                        

The name of the road you are in is St Paul's Churchyard. Keeping the Cathedral on your left walk straight ahead and you will be in Cannon Street. You will come to a crossroads, cross the road( New Change) as you reach the other side of the road you will see a building to your right with an astronomical clock above the main entrance.

Q4. What is the name of this building?

Continue forward you will come to another set of pedestrian lights  Queen Victoria Street runs both sides, you will need to cross over and continue down Cannon Street. As you go down Cannon Street there is a pub called  The Sugarloaf to your left, and 200 mteres further down you will pass Cannon Street station on your right. When you get to the end of Cannon Street there are some traffic lights and King William Street to the left of you. Cross to the other side of Cannon Street at the traffic lights and then turn left and again cross the traffic lights towards Monument Station. Turn right and almost immediately left down Monument Street and The Monument is straight in front of you. Depart here to your right down Fish Street Hill, at the bottom is Lower Thames Street cross over using the crossing, turn left and after 20 metres  on the right you will see a sign for the Thames Path. Follow the Thames Path, after passing the back of the Custom house there you will have to leave the Thames Path due to building works. Just turn left at the closure notice for about 20 metres then turn right. When you get to a set of black gates, go through these and walk around the perimeter of the Tower, towards Tower Bridge. Walk under the archway and follow the sign for St Katherine's Dock. Walk straight ahead through another archway, cross the swing bridge and head to the left of the white building towards the Dickens Inn, you will see a narrow footbridge in front of you, cross this,turn left and head towards the round columned building. At the finger post turn right under building then turn left walking towards a building called Commodity Quay. There is a metal plaque that commemorates the tea trade at St Katherine's Docks:

Q5 How many years has the tea industry been associated with the City of London?

 continue along the boardwalk in front of the old warehouses, at the end turn right and go through the under-pass, following the path with the Tower on you left. Half way along turn right under the roadway and climbing a steep flight of steps to Tower Hill Station.

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.

Updated 4th March 2019

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